The Radar Reader

I’ve not listened to any new music in ages, which means that my Spotify Release Radar has been slowly filling up with new tracks to check out. I tend to listen to podcasts when walking to or from work but there’s only so much of that a guy can take. So this morning I switched to Spotify, and I’m glad I did. Here are my HOT TAKES on some of the latest tracks.

Mermaidens – Give It Up

Mermaidens are great. While listening to this lush bit of anti-rock I had a lovely dream that they might come to London soon and play a few low-key shows before they get picked up by others. But what I really think will happen is they get some high-profile support slots and emerge onto our shores only when ready to play 1,000+ venues. Either way, they’re the next (or latest?) big thing to come from Wellington and they’re fantastic.

alt-J – Deadcrush (Spike Stent Mix)

I always forget to listen to alt-J. There are a number of issues I have with their aesthetic, but I can’t deny there’s something damn delicious about the lead vocals and their tight beats – so it stands to reason that a good remix really shows off these features.

The War On Drugs – Pain

I can’t help but feel like I’m listening to dad-rock when I listen to The War On Drugs, but I love them. I let their last album wash over me endlessly when it shuffled into my life and it’s just such a woozy, lovely sound that I can’t resist them.

Iggy Pop – Lust For Life (The Prodigy Remix)

Sure. Fine. A solid remix of a classic banger. Makes me feel like I’m listening to the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack. Hell, maybe this is on the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack? I got bored towards the end. My main takeaway was: “Dear lord I’d love to hear the isolated vocals to Lust For Life…”

The Cribs – What Have You Done For me?

Thank goodness for The Cribs. A perennial favourite and the languorous vocals and fuzzy guitars just lift me up whenever I listen to them. This track is no different.

MxPx – They

MxPx have no right to be in this playlist – in the sense that I can’t believe they’re putting out new music nearly twenty years after I first happened upon them. Sure this track’s a bit political in a sort of post-American Idiot way but, shit, American Idiot was like fifteen years ago and farbeit from me to suggest we don’t need a bit of politics with our punk rock when we seem to be sleepwalking into all-out nuclear war. Really pleasantly surprised by how fresh this track sounds – and no I’m not about to Google the band’s ages.

Arcade Fire – Infinite Content

Just another step down the road to me wondering who the hell Arcade Fire even are any more. I heard the Abba one and now this weird parody of a tune comes on and I’m like SKIP. I have fond memories of seeing them in a church as a warm up for Neon Bible, the band slowly filing around the audience from the back, doing an a capella cover of Guns of Brixton. And now I realise that that was more than ten years ago and I just need to let it go and move on.

Lana Del Rey – Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems

One day I’ll sit down and listen to Lana Del Rey. Her voice is incredible. But I am in search of louder, faster things this morning.

Stereophonics – All In One Night

Stereophonics, huh? I thought their inclusion on my Release Radar was the result of a playful malgorithm but you and I both know that on tipsy listening sessions I’ll often be found blasting out Word Gets Around. But not this morning, Kelly. Back in your box.

Converge – Eve

Converge tho. Damn this is good. A lovely atmospheric build up and I can’t even listen to familiar Converge tracks without bracing myself for impact. This track doesn’t quite knock me off my feet – in a good, pleasantly surprising way. It has a good, brooding build-up and a really great release. This track is nearly eight minutes long, a fact which surprised me both times I listened to it this morning. So pleased to hear new Converge. Apparently this is the b-side of a new single so I’ll be checking that out.

Nine Inch Nails – Less Than

Another new release that I’ve been meaning to check out and… It’s good. It sounds like other NIN songs. I believe other tracks on the EP are heavier, which if true is a good mix. I’ll bang that on later as well. Trent Reznor is very prolific but I have zero problems with that.

The White Stripes – Love Potion #9 (Live)

This was weird. Not sure yet if it’s a Third Man re-release of some live bootlegs or some weird third-party thing. But it’s clearly an early live show and lordy Meg’s drums sound bad. And yet, and yet… Jack’s wailing guitar and infectious vocals… It’s that guitar sound that made us all feel in 2002 that you could just pick up a shitty guitar and amp and make it sound like Jack White. Until you try, fail, and realise he’s some kind of genius. But hearing this bootleg – even despite the quality of the recording and the drumming – reminded me what I loved about The White Stripes in the first place.

Cornershop – Brimful of Asha (Avenue Strings Remix)

Well this was nice. I wonder how many ‘official’ remixes of this song exist? This remix seems to lack vocals – which weirdly works for such a familiar song as they continue in your head all the same. The guitars sound lovely and distinct and it left me wondering how they sound on the original, kind of like the aborted Noel Gallagher remix(es?) that emerged last year.