Flashbacks: Croatia summer 2015

I cannot believe it will have been two years since M and I visited Croatia at the end of July.

I’ve been enjoying Luke Bather’s recent Instagram posts of some (film) shots he took on a recent trip to Croatia – he captures elements of the light and the building materials in a way that makes it feel like just yesterday that we visited. But it’s basically two years ago now, and that makes me long to visit again.

Some brief highlights below, and the whole album is on Flickr.

Isle of Wight Coastal Path – photographs online

Last May, M and I walked the Isle of Wight Coastal Path. This 70-mile circular path can be started anywhere along its length (and indeed, done in any number of stages).

We decided to start and end in Cowes (12 o’clock on the embedded map below), and we gave ourselves 4-5 days to work our way round the island going clockwise. This was based partly on what we felt we could manage in a day, and partly on where it was possible to stay on our way. Just like the island’s geography, its distribution of accommodation is a little bit lop-sided.

Anyway, the full story of our walk is best saved for another day (it involved broken footwear, mixed weather, backpack sores, and snakes both venomous and non), but I’ve only just got round to putting the photographs online. So here they are. Below is a map showing the route, and below that is a Flickr slideshow, or you can click here to see the full set on Flickr.

Isle of Wight Coastal Path - Day 1

A wintry morning in Milton Keynes, 20/01/2014

Before work yesterday, I decided to leave my bicycle at home, pick up my dSLR for the first time in a while, and walk in instead.

I’m glad I did.

I’ve gotten very comfortable using my iPhone 4S to take photographs over the past year because it produces results that are almost always ‘good enough’, and quite often surprisingly decent.

But for all the portability of the device, and the ease of editing and sharing the images moments after I take them, I still can’t shake the tactile joy of using a dSLR. With the satisfying shutter sound, the use of two hands and a viewfinder to frame the shot, along with the higher-quality sensor and glass, it’s a formidable package. And it’s always worth remembering to take my dSLR out with me – it almost always results in shots I’m very happy with, and at the very least reassures me that I can whip it out at a moment’s notice.

As a final note, my buddy Troels kindly lent me his camera and lens before Christmas. And while I’m happy enough using my lighter dSLR body, the attached 17-85mm lens he lent me sure trumps the standard 18-55mm kit lens. I love the range it gives me. My 50mm prime is a fantastic go-to lens for a lot of situations, and so fast in low light, but quite often I want to pull right back and include as much of the scene as I can. Or it’s nice to have to option to zoom in a bit closer and make use of the interesting light to pick out a detail even more precisely than the 50mm allows. So the 17-85mm is really giving me lots of fun opportunities to capture the world around me, and is pushing me to use my dSLR more again. Thanks Troels!

Anyway. Enough waffle. Here are some photographs from my walk to work yesterday morning:

Lodge Lake

Lodge Lake

Milton Keynes


Milton Keynes