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On The Road Again is a publisher of new and old books by various writers, covering a number of themes not limited to: travel, geography, history, diaries and memoirs.

Current books

Charles Paget Wade Before Snowshill – Paul Capewell

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement – Samuel Butler

Charles Paget Wade
Before Snowshill

Paul Capewell, 2016


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Charles Paget Wade was an architect, an artist, a collector, and an archetypal example of the English eccentric.

Now well known for his unique house and collection at Snowshill in the Cotswolds, Wade had a life before Snowshill. He trained as an architect, learning the skills he needed to become a fine draughtsman. Taken into the office of Raymond Unwin, he worked on Hampstead Garden Suburb, designing a number of fine structures.

Wade’s eye for detail, and precision with pen and brush, meant he produced a vast number of exquisite illustrations in his lifetime. And it is his life-long love of collecting examples of craftsmanship that assembled the collection now housed at Snowshill.

In this new book, Paul Capewell tells the story of Wade’s early family life, his education, his work on Hampstead Garden Suburb – in short, his life before Snowshill.

A First Year
in Canterbury Settlement

Samuel Butler, 1863 (2014)


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This 1863 book describes Samuel Butler’s experiences of life in the young colony of New Zealand, in Christchurch and the South Island in general. It was compiled by Butler’s father from letters and articles sent back to England, and covers the voyage out, early colonial life, sheep farming, and vivid descriptions of the wildlife of New Zealand. Butler’s 1872 novel Erewhon built on these experiences and writings.