New web project – a beginner’s guide to the Zenit E


I made a thing. For the second of our Applied Web Design and Management coursework submissions, we were tasked with creating a small website.

It had to contain a 6-step tutorial for a task of our choosing, and had to incorporate appropriate navigation and layout, along with original images and text. It also obviously had to validate and be accessible.

Finally, the whole project had to be created as a Dreamweaver template file.

I chose to create a tutorial for new users of a Zenit E SLR camera.

From the very start I wanted to have an instruction manual feel to the pages, along with a filmstrip for navigation. The rest of the pages are more traditional layout elements.

I don’t really call myself a web designer, despite doing all of these types of things for years. But I’m pretty happy with the results.

I spent an awful lot of time on it, which I don’t regret one bit. Like other skills and creative pursuits, web design is one of those things where you can spend hours tweaking something which will never be noticed, and where, from the outside, the results can look deceptively simplistic.

All the same, I like my little project, and it’s been a rare example of a piece of university coursework I’ve loved working on. I know several improvements that could be made – most of which would require starting over completely. Such retrospect can be applied to future work.

To view the project, either click the screenshot above, or this link.