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Posted on 22 November 2022

Bright winter sunlight. Down to 0.2c last night. My left hip and knee feel as though I had done a long run the day before, as if to mock me because I had not.

Ran to the hills for radio signals. It turns out that my morning aches did not prevent me from running, and it was especially satisfying to get up onto the East Hill. With the Channel in full view I tuned around looking for the DAB multiplex broadcasting on channel 9B from Caen in France. Nothing. It's these vagaries that keep me coming back, damnit. Radio as weather.

In the evening I caught the first episode of Tokyo Vice, a slick new series following an American journalist who gets hired by a Japanese newspaper to report on crime in the city.

What captured me was the production value - the cinematography is great, and several parts made me feel like the attention to detail was pretty good. It's also a period piece, set in 1999. Just far enough back to provide neat touches of intrigue and, basically, nostalgia.

What took me out of it a little was a scene in a nightclub which had Aly, Walk With Me by The Raveonettes playing in the background - a great song, but not from 1999. 2007, actually. Curiously it was also cut up in quite a mangled way - I couldn't tell if it was a deliberate edit to keep the beat playing in a certain way, or if the dialogue (and therefore the background music in the scene) was deliberately cut up to imply fast cuts. Either way, a little jarring.

But not enough to detract from the rest of it. I'll keep watching. (The credits went by hilariously quickly - I hung on to see who it was a co-production with, but I genuinely couldn't see.)