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Posted on 16 February 2023

It was pretty fun that I managed to do some work on the site yesterday while on the train, relying on Southern's wifi hotspot - I didn't expect that to work so well, but it was fine. Given that a lot of the tinkering happens locally, it's only when I try and upload the new version or google something I'm stuck on that I notice breaks in connectivity.

You'll note the typo in the previous post title - I spotted this after it was live and I might leave it there as a nice relic and a subtle reminder that mistakes can happen and they don't really matter (except for when they do).

I had a go at altering the tags eleventy uses for post titles this morning, so that they would get represented within the body of the blog post rather than in the site's header. I got somewhere, but soon got stuck with some NaN titles and got lost in the weeds of where exactly eleventy pulls its data filters from. I'll figure it out. For now they live in the site header and that's fine.

This week the weather has been pretty glorious and we've seen a number of 'firsts' for 2023 - first daffodils opening up; first bumblebee; first butterfly, even. And we've done some nice visits and walks, including seeing a number of lovely churches in Kent and East Sussex. There's a lot of history (and pretty history, at that) round our way, and it's been a nice week for enjoying that.

I also know that when I return to work next week, the days will be subtly longer, having had a week 'off' from being so hyper aware of it, and it will all feel another step further towards spring.

Have done a number of little tasks around the house this week - some planned, some unplanned! Nothing like a dawn raid on the nearby Screwfix to pick up plumbing supplies when you discover the water main to the outside tap has sprung a leak. No dramas though, and (touching as much wood as possible), quite satisfying to have dealth with and learned how to fix what must be a not-uncommon issue - an old isolation valve with compression fitting which had worked its way loose.

We also had a go at re-routing some cables inside the walls but got completely stuck. It was several hours' work just assessing everything, and we didn't get very far. But even then I was still fairly satisfied to have learned so much about the house and the types of things we are trying to achieve, so it wasn't all for nothing.