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| Moving to the Chromebook, and tinjkering with upload methods
Posted on 15 February 2023

Well, I managed to move my local eleventy install from a Windows (subsystem for Linux) environment to a Chromebook (Dev tools Linux) environment. It wasn't as spooky and weird as I'd expected:

I basically had to install the same stuff on the Chromebook Linux environment as I'd installed on my Windows one, and then copy of my eleventy folder. Once I'd run everything through once, authenticating where necessary, it all just sort of... worked.

I also took the liberty of installing Visual Studio Code on the Chromebook as I think it's about time I got used to using a code editor to navigate, edit and create files and folders in my eleventy install, and the built-in terminal is nice.

This all means I have a simple way to edit my eleventy site on my Chromebook, which is a neat arrangement. It does meant that the local versions of my eleventy install on Chromebook and Windows are out of sync... I can get around that by just copying them across, or there are other version control systems I could use, but I'm trying to keep it all nice and local.

But the above means I have a working eleventy install and build locally on my Chromebook. How to upload this to my webspace?

Google results seem to DEMAND that I do this via Github, Github Pages, Netlify, Digital Ocean et al. But for now I just want to upload the eleventy /public/ folder to my webspace. So for now I'm using Filezilla, the FTP program. I've also looked at some command line tools like sftp and rsync but it still feels a bit spooky and intangible so I'll stick with the GUI of Filezilla... For now.

I have also turned on the feature in Filezilla which only uploads files with different file sizes as a) I don't want to re-upload the entire website every time when I've only added one blog post, and b) using the 'overwrite if newer' doesn't work, as the way Eleventy works is that every time the site is built, the files will by default be newer - all of them.

So that's where we are. For now I'll get back to populating this place with new content while I get used to the new system.