As mentioned the other day, I decided to dig out the old MiniDiscs and I’m so glad I did.

My morning and part of my evening commutes were soundtracked by this excellent deep dive into the songs of Neil and Tim Finn. Solo work, Split Enz, Crowded House, Finn Brothers, big singles, album cuts, all sorts.

It’s a joy to listen to, especially as I say, knowing the time it would have taken to put this mix together. And thanks to the unique features of the MiniDisc, this is an LP4 disc – lower audio quality, and for times the length. There are 74 tracks on this one disc – not minutes, tracks – and the selection it spans about three decades.

I watched another two episodes of Tokyo Vice, and it kept me pretty gripped. There were two delightful touches that caused me to grin from ear to ear, while the rest of it is just as intriguing and cynical and dark as I am enjoying it being. I am especially impressed that, unless I am completely mistaken, the main (non-Japanese) actors all seem to be fluent in Japanese, which is a step up from what you might expect. One of the most shocking things (and maybe it shouldn’t be) is that they seem to smoke and drink as much in 1999 Tokyo as they do in 1960s Mad Men.

As I walk home from the train, I hear the distinct sounds of that song “….And I…. Don’t want to fall in love…” and I glance around the dark street looking for the source. It could be live, but there are no venues on this street. I soon realise it’s coming from a parked car, and as I walk past, and as my eyes adjust to the dark streetlight, I see the driver of the car is a man in his fifties and he is smoking a pipe. An actual Sherlock Holmes type pipe. What a scene.


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