A bright blue sky to start the day, and cold. Befuddled brain due to the previous night’s interrupted sleep.

Twitter seems like it’s heading over a cliff and it’s hard to know if it will just continue as-is and rumble on for years and years or if there will be some radical shift in ownership/management which leads to it changing on some fundamental level ala Yahoo!/Tumblr et al. In the meantime, it does seem to have injected some life into those who are hanging around to find out. Everyone else seems to be talking about Mastodon and, man… I don’t know. I feel like I’m just too old for a new social network. I can’t do it. (He types into his WordPress blog…)

On a related matter, I have a plugin which monitors for failed login attempts to this blog and it is going BANANAS lately. Probably just normal, but a little unsettling. And, frankly, running a WordPress-based blog seems like too much work. I think once the vembers posts are out of the way it may be time to revisit a static site generator approach. I’ve tried before and I kind of get it. And I’ve always preferred the idea of just saving a folder full of proper vanilla .html files rendered locally and then uploaded, rather than running some kind of diesel-powered engine in the backend which I don’t truly understand.

The inevitable next step would be running those files off a local server that I own, but it sounds like making a home broadband IP address public is just a really stupid thing to do and frankly I can’t be bothered.

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