A day of baking and painting (well, M did all the painting – our front door is now done!), and just generally pottering around the house. Yet another day where no heating was necessary, and as if to prove the strange conditions we experience as we head towards late November, it was pleasant to cook pizzas outside, and yet some caveman instinct led us to make some mulled wine to have with it. The shops are filling up with Christmas things, and I can feel a mild one coming, with temperatures holding fast in the teens. Almost daily we comment on the weather being broken and it feels strange.

We paused at 11am for the moment’s silence. The radio introduced it, leading into that most uncanny of broadcasts: two minutes of deliberate radio silence. That being said, the soundscape of Whitehall was, I think, audible in the sound of birds and the distant humming London traffic. It made me wish for more ambient field recordings like this to be played on the radio, but I guess the novelty would wear off if it happened any more frequently.

More locally, we’d heard the usual Sunday morning bells, and just as the radio announcer paused speaking at exactly 11am, a large boom was heard nearby as a cannon was fired as part of the ceremony in our local park. A couple of minutes later, it fired again, and the announcer slowly wound up again, describing the processions and movements of the new king and others paying their respects at the Cenotaph. Music was being played by ‘the massed bands’ which was immediately familiar from the state funeral of the queen and was just as sombre.

Later, on a videocall with M and her parents, I was asked, “How is the training going?” I stared blankly at the screen for a few mini-seconds, aware that it was me being asked this question, my brain frantically pulling open drawers and cupboards to work out what the expected answer to this question might be. Suddenly, I remembered the half-marathon I have planned for next March, and the concept that I might try and follow some sort of training programme to get me into the best shape.

Clearly, this training is going well.

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