Up and out by bike to our local Parkrun, in very pleasant conditions. Pastel-coloured clouds without definition, like a videogame skybox that hasn’t rendered properly. Low wind. We ran ‘the winter course’, which simply means out and back on the higher of the two promenades, and this alternative route is used because the lower prom, in winter, is prone to patches of pebbles that get hurled up from the beach by surging high tides amplified by high pressures and high winds.

As usual, the pack mentality meant I started quite far back and then felt the urge to push forwards to find my own space. I rarely choose to start out towards the front of the pack as it feels like a commitment or a promise I might find hard to keep. But so often I find myself then stuck in the pack as the course narrows. But it is good as it means I push harder to get free and then find my own pace. Which is the feeling I like most when running – not so much the challenge of exertion but simply settling into a good rhythm. It’s something I can maintain on reasonably flat surfaces without much effort, and means I can leave something in the tank for when I need, or want, to push harder for a time.

We went to one of the lovely little beachside coffee kiosks and treated ourselves to cinnamon whirls and delicious, silky coffee, enjoyed on deck chairs watching the waves way down the beach at low tide. Just mild enough to do so in my running shorts still, but it may be time for running trousers again soon, particularly for those times I’m not heading straight back home afterwards.

In the evening, out to the local theatre to see the Rocky Horror Show. We watched the film the night before to get up to speed (it still feels delightful that something like this should be on the Disney+ platform). A really great show, and a fabulous atmosphere. Just the mixture of costumes and in-seat-dancing and dialogue with the crowd I had anticipated, and the show itself was funny and naughty and loud and great fun.

I struggled over whether or not this post should be titled twelvember instead, but I must commit to my self-imposed pattern now.

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