In the evening, out to the launch of a local artist’s exhibition. Always a curious mixture of wanting to go and be part of it, and then realising that – of course – they can be quite busy and noisy events because everybody also wants to be a part of it as well. And so the introvert trying to be a temporary extrovert finds himself trapped between worlds. But it was a very pleasant atmosphere, and it is so cool to find a place bedecked with scores of pieces by an artist M and I are very fond of. Her work can be seen all over town as part of street art installations and commissions, and one can’t help but feel a sense of pride when seeing a beloved artist have a launch like this.

Taking a breather outside, the lights of the pier – now closed for the winter – out in the darkness, and a few stars piercing the black sky. Overhead can be heard plaintive cries of unseen redwings, returning to warmer climes from Scandinavia.

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