Ah yes, the first post for which my title concept starts to break down. I look forward to the month continuing to unfold as the titles get more and more ludicrous. (Hey, you’ve got to contrive a reason to keep yourself posting haven’t you?)

The day began with the railway company scrambling to operate a skeleton service several days after a planned strike way broken. I get the need for strikes, and acknowledge the great complexity in planning railway rotas. But it seems to me that when a strike is organised, there should always be a ‘Plan B’ on hand for if the strike is broken ahead of time. Otherwise the intention is clearly that the strike will continue regardless of the outcome, with no other possible conclusion planned for. Which seems a bit odd.

The landscape north of the coast and south of the city was flooded. The rains that we’d had here had made their presence known in the Weald, with many low-lying fields flooded. Sheep had been removed to higher land, and fields were only identifiable from memory or the odd tree standing above the surface of the water. At times our train ran along a slightly raised embankment flanked on both sides by vast floodwaters as far as the eye could see, and it felt like we were in a Studio Ghibli film.

The day was mostly unremarkable but it was mercifully a good day to be in the office, with several useful interactions with colleagues, and it all goes to reassure myself (and I hope others) that this home/office dynamic continues to work well for everyone.

On the ride home my attention was entirely captured by one person’s website. I have a difference-detection robot pointed at it as (in the past) there was no feed as such, and I had to remember to check occasionally. It was recently updated for the first time in a while and some 50,000 words of content has been added to what at first appears to be a very simple site. It’s actually more like a wiki, with a small core ‘index’ pointing to standard pages, which in turn link to pages expanding on this topic or that.

I must have spent an hour or so engrossed, opening as many links as I could, and enjoying almost everything I read. It was the depth that fascinated me. And the voyeurism – a personal website (even more than a blog) is such an opportunity to rifle through someone’s room and it can feel at once intrusive and yet authorised: they have deliberately put this stuff online.

I hesitate to link to their website as I don’t know if I should share this rare gem – do they want the extra attention? –  but I believe I’ve linked to them before here in the past. So I guess, if you know, you know. Y’know?

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