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An evening stroll to the shops was good for fresh air and a stretch of the legs but not great for my anxiety levels as the skies around me were filled with bangs and booms. An orange glow in the cloudy sky brought to mind the line about the sky being beautiful on fire from that Godspeed You! Black Emperor album.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by the bangs obviously. A part of me likes the concept of Guy Fawkes night – the history and the funny duality of it being both pro and anti establishment nowadays. But the idea that anyone can just go and buy a bunch of fireworks and set them off however and wherever they wish seems rather ill-conceived.

I was also surprised to see dog-walkers out at this time but they seemed calm and happy and I guess it’s a judgement on behalf of the owners which dogs can stand a bang-filled walk and which ones need to stay inside.

It had been a tiring day of scraping and sanding and scrubbing out front door. It is now almost ready to be primed and then painted. We knew this job would be long and complex, but I hadn’t realised quite how long and complex. But it’s good to do it carefully. I had a nice cosy chat with our friendly postman about the door, and our newly widened letterbox. He seemed to appreciate it, and seemed pleased we are keeping and restoring our hundred-year-old wooden door and not just replacing it with a plastic one.

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