The previous evening I made plans to go for a run before work, whatever the weather had in store. I need to get back into a regular routine of running as I have signed up to run a half-marathon next March. It seems far enough away, but I also need to keep up the habit throughout winter.

One difficulty I have found in maintaining the running habit in our new home town is how damn hilly it is. The hilliness is one of the attractions: the town reveals itself as one wanders its streets, and it feels somehow right that the land drops away suddenly as one heads towards the coast. It is downhill to the sea.

But years of mainly running in London mean my legs (and lungs) are mostly attuned to running on the level. The odd hill here or there was a novelty, and something to dig into. But here, hills are part of the DNA of a running route. I have struggled to adapt. And adapt I must. as the half-marathon route does inevitably include some hills.

This morning I just wanted a long, steady run, so I headed for the promenade along the seafront. The ground was level, but the weather gave me a battering. I ran through gusts of wind and squally showers. Thankfully, I loved it. The ever-changing sea to my side, and an easy, off-road and flat course meant I could just relax into a decent rhythm.

I also had 6Twenty, the album by The D4 that was recently reissued, in my ears. I wondered yesterday if this re-issue might not have needed to be remastered, and indeed it didn’t. It sounds great. There are the odd lyrics here and there that have a heavily early 2000s misogyny to them which, given the fact the album was – even then – a rather dated re-hash of earlier rock’n’roll tropes, is to be expected. But nothing too horribly jarring. And it just sounds great.

I imagine telling my seventeen-year-old self that this album would one day make a good running soundtrack and it makes me laugh a little.

I spent a little time this evening trying, again, to repair a Pure Elan DAB radio. I inadvertently killed it a few months back by plugging in the wrong AC adapter that happened to have the same plug, but a different voltage/current. It fried something inside (despite the radio having a fuse), and I have tried to diagnose the fault.

I thought I’d narrowed it down to a blown/shorted capacitor but it is beyond my expertise. Although I’ve tried to replace a couple that seemed defective based on some multimeter readings, a combination of my lack of understanding of electrical circuits, and my weak soldering skills, mean that I think my attempts are doomed. It’s annoying as it is a very good radio. It’s especially annoying as I can’t believe the wrong power adapter could kill it in this way. But it did. Perhaps permanently.