The recent putting-back-of-the-clocks (I hope there is a German compound phrase for this) means that I get a glimmer of light in the sky on the days I need to be up early. It is a welcome glimmer. Hail, glimmer. Fortunately today’s dawn was also very pretty, and this was generally A Good Day: I had slept well, recovering from the noisy wind interrupting my sleep earlier in the week. The trains also behaved themselves – Monday’s services were messed up by a variety of issues. My day was not inconvenienced too much, and the Delay Repay gods smiled on me, meaning I actually did rather well out of it.

Today’s listen of my Spotify Release Radar playlist was a revelation as usual – The D4 have re-issued 6Twenty, which was news to me. And the mixture in bigness and smallness of artists (from Jordane Prestrot to the Beatles!) is welcome, as was the range of production levels. Unfortunately this new reissue of 6Twenty doesn’t appear to have been remastered (maybe it doesn’t need it) – and the blurb even draws reference to them having recorded a Peel Session, but it hasn’t been included. (The digital release does at least have some demos added.)

I came home to a piece of mail that had obviously been folded into quarters to go through our letterbox. This would be fine, were it not for the fact that we recently widened the letterbox in our front door. This was a trepidatious exercise – cutting a hole in one’s front door (or at least widening an existing one) is kind of a one-time deal. But it worked. Alas, it seems that our postie probably still remembers our older, narrower letterbox, and now pre-emptively folds our mail to ensure it goes through with ease. I think they will adapt in time.

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