It is November, and the weather seems to be listening – it has been a mild, almost muggy time of late, and it hasn’t felt very autumnal. But some high winds and heavy rains mean that things are turning. Monday night was a disrupted one, with the vicious sounds of the wind hitting the side of the house forcing me to get up and make a warm cup of Ovaltine and do some medium wave DXing to pass the time (and block out the sound). I got some decent hits – my other sessions of MW DXing tend to be much earlier in the evening, and so it seems that middle-of-the-night is indeed a good time to DX.

Before the last light of the day (at something like half past four!) I dragged myself out to see the heavy, churning sea. It was high tide, though not the month’s highest, and the crashing waves were pretty spectacular as they smashed the harbour arm.

To celebrate the new month, I followed Cokohore11‘s lead and used their elegant calendar (and moon cycle) template to make some phone wallpapers. It was a nice exercise in going over old photos to see what would work. It was also a salient reminder that I also have Photoshop included in my Lightroom subscription.