Over the Atlantic Radar

Spotify’s Release Radar does a surprisingly good job of alerting me to new releases from rather obscure artists that I do actually have an interest in.

Today’s surprises include Dion Lunadon of early 2000s NZ garage rockers The D4, and fellow kiwi Nik Brinkman, who put out a deep-seated favourite album of mine under the moniker Over The Atlantic in 2006.

Both kiwi artists, and both solo releases from people once associated with another wider act.

There’s even a new track from Silverchair’s Daniel Johns – a similar category to the above (solo release from Australasian man previously in band), but he already has a much wider appeal so is a slightly separate case to the others.

I’m not sure if the weighting for these recommendations is done by something as nuanced as ‘low-level artists from Aotearoa’, or the algorithm knowing that The D4 = Dion Lunadon.

Probably most likely it is just fed by users’ listening habits: listener A listens to bands 1 and 2 and 3; listener B listens to bands 1 and 3, so recommending band 2 seems sensible.

It’s still cool though, and I get a lot of value from it.

Great to be reminded of Nik Brinkman. Looks like I’ve missed out on some recent stuff from him – the track recommended to me this week was an acoustic re-take of a song of his from the last year or two. Looking forward to going back and discovering that.

Nik’s stuff is on Bandcamp, too – so although I can thank Spotify for giving me the heads-up, I also have the option to give him my direct support.