Two blogs I love are back being active

Nothing much to say here except that two blogs I really enjoy, and which both separately had a longer or shorter period of time away, are back to posting regularly.

First is Weightshifting, from Naz Hamid.

I’ve followed Naz for years – initially because he posted gorgeous photos of bike rides around San Francisco, and then just because he posted gorgeous photos, full stop. With Weightshifting, he’s back posting regularly, and his recent posts feature huge, gorgeous photos, as well as a nice reflection on what he’s been up to. Naz’s blog is actually an email newsletter, but luckily one that’s archived online, complete with an RSS feed, so it’s basically a blog.

And second is James A. Reeves at Atlas Minor.

I’ve pointed to Reeves’ blog before, back when he was last posting daily (throughout 2020). He’s recently been involved in a project of quite staggering scale and is now, as far as I can tell, back to his daily postings of an image, a shortish piece of narrative, and an accompanying audio file / song. Never not worth my time.

(And with a couple of recent tracks James posted by Fuck Buttons and Autechre, another reminder that for some reason my Asus Chromebook’s speakers are about 400 times better – louder, richer, bassier – than they have any right to be.)

These two merely add to the long list of blogs I follow unconsciously every day.

Some post multiple times a week, others once a year or less. I try to point other people to some of them now and again, and I am always threatening to produce a blogroll.

Those are the ones I know are still active. Others simply live on in my feed reader as a defunct blog which is never likely to be updated again. The author has probably long since forgotten the login details. But I keep the feeds there, servers to be pinged until the end of time, in the hope that they may one day post again.