2021 week ten

A delay in writing this one up because, really, the bulk of the week was spent under a gauze-like fug which only cleared at the weekend. We also had roadworks directly outside our window all week, so the constant noise was a distraction.

It was work by G.Network who have spent the last year or two digging up streets all over London laying new fibre for broadband. It amazes me on the one hand how they’ve managed to do such a progressive roll-out, but on the other that this is even necessary. I get that the cables laid by previous companies eventually reach capacity or end-of-life, but it still seems amazing that the literal roads need to be dug up every ten years or so(?) to relay new infrastructure.

That being said, the roads around here are also constantly being dug up by Thames Water to address a series of constant leaks. An unenviable task, and at least the theory is that their pipes last more like a century than a decade (though in the seven years I’ve lived on the Finchley Road corridor, the number of repeated water leaks in roughly the same locations does not inspire confidence).

The gauze-clearing was spurred on by talking through some of the stuff that had been behind it, as well as getting out and going for a long bike ride to the city. We also had waffles for breakfast on Saturday.

It is a giant cliche but there was a specific moment as we cycled south along Regent’s Park where the speed and smoothness of my ride made me feel incredible. Just so glad to be out, on my bike, heading to the city. A real cobweb-blower-awayer as they (do not) say.

Toot. Let’s all go and have another week.