Apollo 11

I finally watched Apollo 11 (the 2019 film) last night and was so glad I had it piped into my noise cancelling over-ear headphones cranked up – it’s the first time I’ve felt them vibrating while wearing them!

Obviously the pictures looked incredible. I kept pausing and it was like a perfectly crisp still photograph every time. The crowds on launch day – wow.

The sound design was fantastic – the inevitable roar of the Saturn V rocket was as wonderful as I’d expected but other subtle moments caught me out where (I guess?) foley effects were added to wide shots, and other nice stereo pans were added for effect.

The score was also a pleasant surprise – huge, WARBLING, WOBBLING bass and pulsing/ticking metronomic tension for the time-sensitive, heart-in-your-mouth segments.

I loved that at the end of the credits was a note that Matt Morton’s score was produced using equipment that was available at the time of the Apollo 11 mission. Cool. Very cool. Not seen that sort of liner note since Elephant by the White Stripes.