This is the title of a blog post

Does a blog post need a title? I mean… technically? Or conceptually? Or an image?


For too long now I’ve avoided writing anything here because… Well because apathy and I guess a small amount of ‘fear’ of the blog. I’ve become so used to either tweeting little blips of nothingness or just writing in my diary app that the prospect of Writing A Blog Post takes on the significance of publishing a book or something.

Which is insane.

Plus, most days I find myself reading posts to blogs from people like Phil Gyford and Giles Turnbull and Anne/3.1 and Dana and Megan Hallinan and Alice Bartlett and others I can’t think of right now which make me happy and nostalgic for the time when the majority of feeds in my feed reader (Newsfire or Google Reader) were those written by pals like Jenna, Troels, Emily, Nell, Jessie, Jessica, Laura, Andrew, Petra, Mark, Matthew… The list goes on. But I definitely remember a time when I had tens of real people writing blog posts most weeks and it was great.

It’s still pretty great – the kinds of people who still keep blogs now are usually pretty dedicated and do a great job of it which makes them a joy to read and follow.

We’re also now (back?) into the age of email newsletters, which I also enjoy, but I guess most of the ones I subscribe to are by people I don’t know, like Craig Mod, Robin Sloan, Sean Bonner, Warren Ellis, Anne Helen Petersen, Ann Friedman and so on. At least John Tucker does a newsletter now, thank fuck.

I tend to ‘triage’ a lot of these blog posts and newsletters on my phone or computer but I try to send the bulk of them to my Kindle for reading at bedtime. I’ve found a nice amount of sources to keep a steady supply without things getting out of control.

Positives of this Kindle reading process include the fact that this is a very calm and relaxing way to read stuff which tends to be written in a calm relaxing – even intimate – tone, and that images rendered in e-ink look almost universally gorgeous.

Negatives are mostly limited to me not being able to click through to the stuff they inevitably link to, or that sometimes a subject will inspire me to jot down my own thoughts on it. But that process of turning stuff over in my head also helps me sleep, so we’ll call it evens.

Look at me – much as Phil mentioned recently* – I am equal parts boring myself typing this and feeling like oh maybe I won’t post this actually because never mind.

Well never mind, never mind. I’m posting it.

* actually, that post was so much my cup of tea that it has stuck with me for several days. Remember when the web was exciting? I do. Phil, does too. I guess maybe blogs where people reminisce about the early days of the web (this is a subjective and relative period of time based on when one got online, in my opinion) and RSS feeds and blog rolls and so on will be this generation’s amateur radio clubs or something similar. And I’m okay being part of that club. Sign me up. Oh. I’m already a member.