Inevitable season-changing post

Coombe Country Park

Things change more rapidly in their appearance now in one day than they did in two a fortnight ago, but this is seen mostly in the valleys and the greater woods which border the streams.

That’s from the Guardian‘s wonderful Country Diary, 100 years ago today. Link.

I was struck by this feeling over the weekend while visiting the Midlands. The weather hasn’t quite turned a corner yet, though it is cooling down a little. High pressure coming up from the south is acting like a warm duvet keeping ‘Full Autumn’ at bay.

Visiting the rather pretty Coombe Country park near Coventry, the changing leaves made their presence known more than ever, with the depth of their colour enriched by bright sunlight between showers.

In the days since, I’ve paid closer attention to the leaves on the trees around me – on the verdant Suburb, and in the various incarnations of Hampstead I pass through from time to time. And things are indeed changing day by day now. We’re given just a small window of time during which to see the rich, golden colours of autumn before crisp, monochrome winter nudges autumn aside.

Meanwhile, the squirrels have been busy shuttling back and forth along the top of the fence outside my office window for weeks now. Occasionally we’ll see one on the lawn calmly testing the turf for its nut-hiding qualities, only looking up when enough human eyeballs are on it. M and I have followed suit, putting ingredients in jars and making our own dray as comfortable and snug as it can be for the winter.

As I stood this morning waiting for the lights to change at a crossing, I noticed how the deep red leaves on a tree over the road were being gently blown off as I watched. The tree will soon be bare.

Things are indeed changing more in one day than they did in two a fortnight ago.

Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb
Shades of Autumn, Coombe Country Park