011/100 – Hampstead Police Station, 26 Rosslyn Hill

Hampstead Police Station – J. Dixon Butler / Metropolitan Police Force 1910-1913

Another ex-police station (I featured one on Finchley Road previously). This one, just down the hill between Hampstead and Belsize Park, looms large on the corner of Rosslyn and Downshire Hills. It, along with the one on Finchley Road (and many others), was sold off quite recently. This one for more than £14 million. Gosh.

I don’t know what will happen to it, but it’s a very attractive building, especially with that prominent gable on the Rosslyn Hill elevation. It’s a large site, also housing a courthouse and cell block.

It only now occurs to me that the oculus window at the centre of that gable, with its almost eyelash-like white keystone features, could be said to be casting a beady, all-seeing-eye over its area of jurisdiction.

Hampstead Police Station was designed by John Dixon Butler, architect to the Met, who also worked with Norman Shaw on New Scotland Yard. Butler served as surveyor and architect to the Metropolitan Police Force for more than twenty years. He designed numerous other London police stations, including those at Bow, Shoreditch and Tottenham.

Hampstead Police Station is grade II listed.