001/100 – Corby Cube

Corby Cube, Corby, Northamptonshire – Hawkins Brown/Corby Borough Council 2010

So this guy starts a 100 day project, having established that he’s going to cover buildings mostly in London, and he opens with a shot of a controversial, modern construction in Corby, Northamptonshire.


But one works with what one has, and in the Corby Cube this weekend I found a large, striking lump of architecture in a town which seems to be somewhat lacking in such things.

The Cube sits opposite another rather striking bit of modern architecture, the Corby East Midlands International Pool. Both appeared to me on a recent exploration of the town with Megan, after a woodland stroll which featured an outdoor gym and intriguing carvings.

Suddenly, upon leaving the woods, this large block loomed over us. It houses the local council, a library, theatre, and some other municipal gubbins. I didn’t get to have a look inside, but I rather like it.

A quick Google by the uninitiated non-local reveals sordid tales of the Council overspending public money, and catastrophic failings in the design and construction of the building itself, which are still causing ripples more than five years after its construction.