100 days of buildings – preamble

This project was ‘meant’ to start on Monday, 6 April. But it’s starting on Wednesday, 8 April, post-dated to Monday – so I can catch up.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing blog posts, whatever they are, so I thought a little 100 days type project would be a good idea.

This particular 100 days project comes to you care of http://thegreatdiscontent.com/100days, but the direct inspiration to me was, as it so often is, from Christine Herrin. Thanks, Christine.

100 days of buildings – shouldn’t be too hard; I moved to London six months ago, and my love of architecture has been rekindled. It’s hard not to be inspired, surprised and often delighted by the sight of so much history and so much variety all around you. It’s also helpful that I work in estate management/architectural conservation.

When I lived in Manchester, I ran a daily photo blog which often became more of an architectural photography blog. I’d snap a photo, maybe tweak it a little (to work with, or against, Manchester’s own weather patterns), then post it with a brief note as to the building’s design and construction, if I could. This information was usually cribbed from Pevsner.

And so I see that happening with this project. I hope you’ll join me over the next few months.