‘Publish’ from Day One


Day One now allows users to publish specific diary entries via a new service called… Publish.

For me, a diary is a private place to jot down thoughts and details of my life, Publish has a USP in each published entry having a solo, semi-private existence which can be shared only to those people with the URL. It’s not strictly private, of course, but for sharing a kind of semi-private post to a small set of friends or family, it could be a pretty decent tool.

Although there are infinite platforms for writers to use to publish their words online, one neat feature of Publish is kind of a lack of a feature: posts exist in isolation, and aren’t aggregated or listed like on a blog. Posts can be created and shared and they live in their own space. This may give Publish the unique factor it needs to stand apart from – and not against – blogging platforms, because that’s not really what it’s trying to emulate.

I mentioned how the idea of publishing a diary entry, for me, goes against the point of keeping a private diary. But the feature is being built-in to Day One (initially on iPhone only, with iPad and Mac support coming later), and is just there as a value-add to those who would like to make use of it. For those who don’t want to use it, the feature will just be there, lurking in the background.

Day One is a simple app with an increasingly complex set of features. One of its strongest *is* its simplicity and the way that although a complex subset of features is available and easy to use, they don’t get in the way of using the app for its main purpose.