“Lyrically the new album is very much about me”: Drowned in Sound meets Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings

What we normally do is go in and play the songs, and then let whoever is recording it decide how they want to make it sound. Because to us, that’s just how it sounds. When we record we play live. No overdubs or anything.

I just don’t like records that are “produced”. I like bands that sound like bands. As far as a rock band goes anyway. There are other kinds of music where it makes sense to have something produced to make it interesting. For a band like us that would be weird. We’re all about the rawness and energy you’d get from seeing us play live. I just want to make records that sound like real people playing in a band.

via “Lyrically the new album is very much about me”: DiS meets Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings / In Depth // Drowned In Sound.

The new Cloud Nothings album Here And Nowhere Else is out on 31 March, and I, for one, am very bloody excited.

When Attack On Memory arrived, for me, completely out of the blue a couple of years ago, it totally blind-sided me and I played the shit out of it. The ‘production’ on that record, by Steve Albini, is spare and raw, and letting the intensity of the music speak for itself. And what a deliciously frantic record it is, too.

If I’m Not Part Of Me, the lead single from the new album, is anything to go by, they’ve made another cracking record.