Scotland 2007 re-visited

Two things:

1) In the depths of winter, it’s helpful to look ahead to the summer solstice – or back one of those in the past – and the weeks and months that surround it as some sort of light at the end of the tunnel; reassurance that winter will turn to spring and so to summer; these short days are getting longer by a few minutes each day; look at the adventures you’ve had/can have.

2) Ninety-nine percent of the time, I take photographs and either edit them shortly afterwards, and then ‘share’ them with the web. Or I might take them, then edit them a few weeks or months later. Often, I will browse old sets of photographs. I’m a hoarder and a nostalgist, after all. But rarely – very rarely – will I review a set of photographs as if new, and sort them, crop them and edit them, just as if I had only just taken them. Well, for some reason, I decided to do this last week. I had a set of photographs I took on a camping trip around Scotland in June 2007. And I suppose it has echoes of the idea of re-editing words I’d written in 2007, too. The idea that the methods I will have used to edit the photographs back in 2007 would probably have produced markedly different results to my current methods and tastes. I don’t know what I was trying to prove. I just thought it would be fun to re-edit some old photographs I’d not looked at much. So here they are.

Locations: Glen Coe, Fort William, Mallaig, Aviemore.