Saunterings by Matt Langer

I like packing the night before a trip. I’ll pack everything the night before, right down to the toiletries I’m going to need again come morning. This way I can wake up in the same place but at least already be in the routine of being somewhere else.

I like the perspective afforded by such a simple thing as packing, the opportunity to reflect on our most mundane daily rituals. Our days take so many hours to transpire——they seem so hectic and so full when we’re in the middle of them——and yet the abridgement we get when packing covers them exhaustively: brush your teeth; take a shower; dry off; put on underwear; put on clothes; put on shoes; put on a coat; eat; drink; shit; sleep on something soft.

That is all there is. And then we can pack it all up and set it down on a table and look at it, see all of it just sitting right there in front of us, all the time and space of our busy sprawling lives compressed into a single point: about 4,000 cubic inches and a pair of shoulder straps.

Saunterings 002: New Year

I'm very pleased I followed a link tweeted or tumbl'd by Pierce Gleeson recently. It sat in my Pocket queue for a few days until I finally had ten minutes (or more?) to absorb it properly.

I love reading about walking, exploring, discovering, understanding and various other related -ings (things?). And Matt Langer's new website, which promises to be simply “a blog about walks”, is a beautifully minimalist place to read his meandering thoughts on a good walk.

I highly recommend you brew a good cup of coffee, load the above post, allow it to fill your page/screen/whatever, and just let Langer's words nourish your brain and soul.