The Sweet Setup

It’s certainly preaching to the choir (I almost spelled that quire, oddly enough), but The Sweet Setup is a rather pleasing new site to wile away a few minutes a day.

It’s basically a bunch of Apple nerds talking about their favourite iOS/OS X apps, workflows and setups.

You’ll know immediately whether or not that kind of thing is your cup of tea. But if it is, browsing the site is something akin to a warm bath. Or a hot cup of tea, I suppose.

I’m not sure whether the site has altogether ruled out other platforms, but for now the team aim to highlight “the best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.”

Anyway, it helps that the site features pornography photography like that shown above.

The photograph goes with Shawn Blanc’s effusive review of Day One, which he calls “the very best journaling and logging app.”

And indeed it is a great app. I’ve been using Day One on my iPhone and Mac for getting on two years now. And on top of tapping and typing in words on my iPhone and Mac, I’ve also been able to import the previous ten years of my digital diaries from the likes of LiveJournal and Diaryland.

Sure, it makes for a horrifying database of my mood swings and fleeting, naive thoughts. But it’s also a reassuring, instantly text-searchable life-logging tool with which I can pretty quickly find out what day I went to that gig, or my first burgeoning thoughts on a subject I have since become intimately familiar with.

I could write for days about Day One (and in Day One, actually), but for now, go and read Shawn’s words.