Four long years

Apparently this blog is four years old today. This surprised me, and I’d never have guessed it, if it weren’t for an email from Tumblr to tell me this.

Four years ago was June 2009. I was finishing my foundation year at Manchester Metropolitan University, and was either still in Halls, or had recently left to return home for the summer (a summer which turned out to be one of the longest, brokest summer holidays I can remember).

I associate using Tumblr long into the night with that year spent in a room at Daisy Bank Halls – so I guess I’m remembering the previous incarnation of this blog, whatever that was. I guess four years is a long time if I’m having trouble remembering the name of the blog before this one.

Along with the usual dicking around on Tumblr, and aside from the association with my little box room at Daisy Bank, I think of a sort of ‘golden age’ of Tumblr use. My Tumblr universe was a little bubble of Ryan Adams fans, and I remember getting to know a few people through this shared passion – a few I still ‘follow’ to this day, and a few I either fell out with or just stopped talking to.

I don’t think I like using Tumblr these days. Certainly nowhere near as much as I did back then. I do still use it though. Several times daily. So there must be something pulling me back. Mostly it’s the handful of people I care about who primarily post stuff here. Though, luckily for me, they also tend to post at other places, too. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

But, either way, I will still keep using this service until the effort to use it is greater than the satisfaction I get from using it. And, as a free service which works incredibly well a lot of the time, that effort is small.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely one of those few I mentioned above who keep me coming back day after day. You, and a handful of others. Keep up the good work.

edit: According to my ever-useful diary:

  • I started using Tumblr for the first time on Monday, 21 April, 2008. And the username back then? paulcapewell, oddly enough.
  • I was indeed back at home in Amersham four years ago when rockingliketwoolddrunkards was born. I must’ve felt like a change.