Innocent Civilians

Everybody has an “Innocent Civilian”. Or at least everybody who has halcyon dial-up memories of staring at a Napster progress bar and praying that nobody in your house picks up the landline before your “NEW UNRELEASED RADIOHEAD” files finish downloading. Sepie had downloaded his “special edition” copy of Hail to the Thief from the popular file-sharing site Kazaa, which was infamously riddled with mislabeled mp3s.

I loved this post about being duped by mislabelled files downloaded via the likes of Napster and KaZaA.

It brought back many memories of feverishly downloading punk covers and browsing other users’ hard drives in the hope of finding new artists to fall in love with.

Memories of how fractured online collections of pirated material were.

Memories of leaving the computer online overnight in the vain hope that two or three single MP3s(!) would actually finish downloading successfully.