News in Brief

I’ve been a fan of National Library of New Zealand’s Papers Past website for so long, and written about it on this blog enough times now, that I shouldn’t even need to introduce such blog posts like this.

But, briefly, I recently came across a neat new Twitter account called News in Brief (@nibnz), which pulls snippets of text from New Zealand’s newspaper archives (held, naturally, by Papers Past) and presents them to its followers as little bursts of interesting and often amusing tweets.

I’m not sure who is behind the account (although I have my suspicions), but it’s well worth a follow whether you’re into NZ history, historical newspapers, or just history generally.

Some of the tweets bring to mind the kinds of messages you see in city-building videogames like Transport Tycoon or Sim City – things about stations being built in some remote city – whilst others just have that rather amusing air of silliness so often found in brief news stories from a century ago.

The only improvement I could think of would be a short URL link to the original article – but for the most part this is unnecessary and I suppose a quick text search would find the article in question.

Aside from that, I’m a big fan.

Some recent examples: