Lisa Took Me – film photography by Lisa Abrams

I made A Thing recently. A website, part of a birthday gift. It’s called Lisa Took Me.

It’s a kind of online portfolio for the film photography of my partner, Lisa.

I’m very proud and impressed with her photographs, and although they are already online via Flickr and Facebook, I felt like I wanted to make a little website to give them their own space online too.

Plus it’s a bit easier to browse than Flickr’s rather archaic interface these days.

It’s a rather basic website, built on Tumblr – both for the content management system in the background, and for the social/sharing functions (read: folks on Tumblr seem to dig film photography).

I picked a nice minimalist theme that I liked the look of, and tweaked it a little to present the images at a decent size, and I added some code that someone had kindly put online, enabling endless scrolling.

It’s a simple website, as I say, but it stands for more than that, and I’m mostly just happy that Lisa’s work now has a home online. You can see photographs she’s taken with a Zenit EM, an Olympus OM10 and, as of last week, a Fujifilm Instax 50s.

Pop over to to have a look. And click ‘follow’ if you’re a Tumblr user.

Oh, and yes, the titular format of “name verb me” is, of course, borrowed from the wonderful Mr Charles Paget Wade.