I was surprised by how few people knew of this bookmarking technique when I mentioned it on Twitter. My Mother, in her infinite resourceful wisdom, introduced me to this gem when I was a young thing. So simple yet so effective. 


Step 1:  Snip off the corner of an envelope.

Step 2:  There is no step 2! You’ve finished! Well done! 

Once you’ve snipped your envelope, you could decorate it with sequins, sketches or perhaps a picture of your favourite world leader. I’d probably choose Goodluck Jonathan, mainly because of his name and not because of the way he dealt with Niger Delta militants. No siree. 

Isn’t it lovely? You don’t have to measure it or anything, just snip! One size fits all. 

I genuinely love this method of bookmarking, no need to worry if you can’t find anything to use, there’s always an envelope somewhere nearby. Don’t steal your neighbours’ post though, that’s frowned upon in most modern democracies. 

The book above is ‘Things the Grandchildren Should Know’ by Mark Oliver Everett 

Oh my God. Mind: blown.