Three things for Thursday:

i) I was asked if I would remove a photo from my Flickr account earlier today. It was of a windmill which is also someone’s house, taken from the road – no trespassing – although it featured the owners’ car and licence plate. I acquiesced as it wasn’t a brilliant photo anyway, and I had another shot almost identical, which doesn’t feature any vehicles. Strange though, first time I’ve had such a request. 

(Strictly speaking, you’re allowed to take photos of private property as long as you’re in a public space when doing so – although the owner of the private property is within their rights to protest or query it. If it was a popular photo or one I was more proud of, I might’ve tried to bargain with them, or to obscure the licence plate.)

ii) I’ve just bought snacks and supplies for tomorrow’s train journeys. I will be on the train from home to London, London to Brussels, Brussels to Cologne, and finally a sleeper train from Cologne to Copenhagen. I’ve bought: 3x sammidges, 1x pasta snack, 1 box of Trackers, 2x energy drinks, 1x water, 2x miniature red wines. Not bad huh?

iii) I’m off to trim my beard.