Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments to an Elegy

You know what doesn’t suck? The new Smashing Pumpkins album. I’ve listened to probably 6 or 7 new albums this year – that includes reissues of seminal albums I already adore – and of all the hot new records I expected to enjoy this year, I couldn’t have predicted that one of them would include […]

Seeing and hearing the unseeable and unhearable

BLDBLG wrote recently about a project called Satellite Lamps which aims to visualise the inherent inaccuracies and variations in GPS data. The project uses a network of lamps which dim and brighten with the accuracy of the GPS data they receive, compared to their fixed, known positions. You’re basically watching the indirect effects of signal drift, transformed here […]

Volume 3 of Michael Palin’s diaries

A few months ago, when I blogged about the upcoming release of volume 3 of Michael Palin’s diaries, Travelling to Work, I had some thoughts on the kinds of stories we’d find within. I somehow missed this excellent little video preview of the diaries from the man himself: Palin explains what sort of events will […]

“a calm wholly at variance with the disturbed spirit of the day.”

Amongst numerous first-hand reports on the outbreak of World War One to be found in the media today and recently, the Manchester Guardian's Country Diary column from one hundred years ago provides one of the more subtle and delicate: The ripening, sun-browned corn, the sweet-smelling stacked hay, the placid cattle grazing in the fields, the […]