Volume 3 of Michael Palin’s diaries

A few months ago, when I blogged about the upcoming release of volume 3 of Michael Palin’s diaries, Travelling to Work, I had some thoughts on the kinds of stories we’d find within. I somehow missed this excellent little video preview of the diaries from the man himself: Palin explains what sort of events will […]

“a calm wholly at variance with the disturbed spirit of the day.”

Amongst numerous first-hand reports on the outbreak of World War One to be found in the media today and recently, the Manchester Guardian's Country Diary column from one hundred years ago provides one of the more subtle and delicate: The ripening, sun-browned corn, the sweet-smelling stacked hay, the placid cattle grazing in the fields, the […]

The opening of Palmerston North’s new railway station in 1963

Listening to the latest episode of Radio New Zealand show Sounds Historical,1 I was fascinated to hear a snippet from the opening of Palmerston North’s new railway station in 1963. I don’t know a great deal about Palmerston North, but I’ve passed through it several times on the main trunk line that runs north and […]

Microadventures – Alastair Humphreys’ new book

Writer, explorer and adventurer Alastair Humphreys has written a new book called Microadventures, and it’s out today. Alastair’s concept of microadventures – “a tiny little adventure that’s close to home and easy on your pocket” – pushed me last year to see how far my bike could carry me and all I would need for an […]