Tool – Lateralus (2001)

I hadn’t listened to Lateralus in what must be a good eight years or more when, out of the blue, I decided to stick it in the queue for my walk to work this morning. It might have been a brief tweet I saw from someone recommending a new album (of which more at a […]

Nine Elms Apothecary Experience

This weekend, exhausted by an unexpectedly debilitating strain of hay fever, Megan suggested the two of us find something to do in London that didn’t involve parks or other pollen-filled outdoor spaces. We found ourselves on a bright, blowy section of the Thames, on a bend with views to the left of Battersea Power Station, […]

Michael Palin on the diary habit

Michael Palin’s recently-launched website,, features a fun selection of new writing which I hope will be added to over time. They don’t appear to be in the form of blog entries, but have the feel of them. In one, the avid diary-writer explains how the habit makes him feel, and encourages others to take […]

Enhance! Finding tiny treats in huge old photographs

I’m a fan of old photographs scanned in at eye-seeringly high resolution. In fact, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on my blog in the past. Beyond the gorgeous, crisp look of these old images, it’s the details that sneak in which get me really excited. Little features that you could easily miss when looking at […]

Pitchfork Review: Ryan Adams – Live at Carnegie Hall

Live at Carnegie Hall makes Adams’ impromptu comedy the main draw: somewhere within this three-and-a-half-hour package is one of the funniest standup records you’ll hear in 2015. And the subject of nearly all of Ryan Adams’ jokes is Ryan Adams. This is a career-spanning project, so “Ryan Adams” becomes a very, very broad topic. Adams offers countless punchlines […]